Joseph J. Ruggiero

Ph.D. Candidate at Princeton University

About Curriculum vitae

I study the political economy of conflict. I am especially interested in exploring how systemic features of political-economic settings can interact with strategic incentives to create the conditions for suboptimal outcomes, such as international war. My work typically uses game theory, network analysis, and structural estimation.

Education and Teaching


Preventive War and Sovereign Debt (w/ Colin Krainin, Kris Ramsay, & Bella Wang)

Conflict Management and Peace Science, 2022


Working papers

Bargaining, War, and Cooperation in the Long Run


Some for the Price of One: Vote Buying on a Network (w/ Perry Carter)


What Makes a World War? Economic Networks and Distributions of Power

(coming soon)

Work in progress

Economic Growth in the Shadow of Power

Nation Persuasion: Political Regimes Under Influence